Snakes & Ladders Live

Classic entertainment with a twist

Snakes & Ladders Live is a dynamic and fast-paced game show that brings together familiar elements of the much-loved board game in an immersive Live Casino studio setting.

As part of Pragmatic Play’s strategy to twist, transform, and elevate Live Casino content, Snakes & Ladders Live features a large game wheel with 54 segments covering a number of bet spots and bonus games. This ensures an exciting experience combining a popular and nostalgic game theme with engaging Live Casino mechanics.

Snakes & Ladders Live gameplay

In Snakes & Ladders Live, players aim to guess where the wheel will stop after it’s spun. There are eight bet spots to choose from, including numbers 1, 2, 5, and 10, and the bonus games ‘Board 3 Rolls’, ‘Board 5 Rolls’, ‘Totem 1 Life’, and ‘Totem 2 Lives’. Players can place their bets on any of these bet spots for a chance to win a prize.

Once the bets close, a random multiplier is assigned to one of the bet spots and the wheel starts spinning. If the player’s bet covers the winning bet spot with a multiplier, their winnings are multiplied by the value of the multiplier, which can be up to 20x for the numbered bet spots and 10x for the bonus bet spots.


The Board bonus game is played on a giant 8×8 tile board featuring iconic game elements that can either help or hinder players’ progression towards the 10,000x maximum win. Depending on which bonus game was triggered by the wheel spin, players who covered this bet spot will be awarded either three rolls or five rolls as they hope to climb the ladders and reach the greatest rewards. But watch out for those snakes!



The Totem bonus game in Snakes & Ladders is divided into levels with different multipliers assigned to each. Players who make it to the top of the Totem will be rewarded with wins of up to 2,000x their bet!



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