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Pragmatic Play is a leading multi-product content provider to the iGaming industry, offering innovative, regulated and mobile-focused gaming products. We want you to be part of the team.


C# Developer

Bucharest Competitive Salary + Benefits Key Skills
Good C# knowledge Fluent English

We are Pragmatic Play, a world leader in providing solutions for the online game industry. We are looking for passionate gameplay programmers to join our team in Bucharest in making the best online games in the industry.

Our studio is a creative nest, with a young and friendly atmosphere that provides the context, the tools and the expertise to deliver the best games in our area.

Job summary:

  • You will use our proven engine and pipeline to create and polish the best games in this industry;
  • You will have your own project to work on autonomously (after a training period) and implement it from concept to release;
  • You will work directly with the design and art team to implement the game as planned (logic, animation, art, sounds, etc.).


  • Identifies missing details in feature requests and can split the tasks into parts that can be implemented and tested;
  • Analyzes unfamiliar code of moderate complexity (in his knowledge area) to understand the functionality of an existing module;
  • Re-uses existing code effectively.
  • Understands the pipeline data flow: how the raw data is transformed by the tools and used by the game engine or middleware;
  • Writes Portable Code (writes project specific code in case this is necessary);
  • Is capable to choose the most efficient algorithms and data structures for the task at hand (keeping constraints and performance in mind);
  • Respects and supports the writing conventions of the established code for the team;
  • Has some knowledge about the different software development methods (ie. Agile, Unit Testing, TDD...);
  • Writes & maintains proper documentation for the programming team as well as other job-related documents;
  • Has strong knowledge of the software development environment and associated tools. (i.e. Visual Studio, Perforce...);
  • Has knowledge of the different platforms and considers the constraints and limitations when implementing a feature;
  • Uses prototyping to validate an aspect of the feature (rough, playable versions to get feedback before getting too far);
  • Writes code that is modular and self-contained;
  • Avoids coding hacks (messy quick solutions);
  • Debugs defects of moderate complexity and ensures that problem has been fully solved (avoids introducing new side-effects);
  • Identifies and corrects other bugs discovered along the way, even if outside his scope of work;
  • Optimizes algorithms for memory usage & speed.


  • Good knowledge of the video games industry;
  • Good knowledge of C#;
  • Component based game engine experience is a big plus;
  • Experience with source control software (svn, git, etc…);
  • Passionate, involved, team player;
  • JavaScript experience is a plus;
  • Creative and open minded;
  • The perfect candidate is flexible and adapts easily to new situations;
  • Availability to learn new programming languages in order to solve a certain task;
  • The capacity to prevent and value the risks that can appear in the production process;
  • Good knowledge of algorithms, data base structures and programming;
  • Resistant to stress, capable of respecting short deadlines;
  • Communication skills and team work;
  • Fluent English.


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