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Our Bingo offering is highly flexible, and along with a customisable UI, it ensures operators have the tools needed to target players across different markets, with intuitive back-office and dedicated support.

Our award-winning bingo offers a market leading number of variants including 90-ball, 80-ball, 75-ball, 50-ball 30-ball, and Speed Bingo as well as an array of exclusive games and features.

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Diamond Dazzle

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Bingo Blast

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Diamond Dazzle

Diamond Dazzle is a 90-ball bingo game that takes the full house to the next level with a dazzling bonus feature. At the beginning of each game, diamonds show numbers ranging between 1 and 24. As the numbers are called, each diamond value is revealed to players before disappearing.

  • Boosts player interaction
  • 4 prizes with each round
  • Diamond Dazzle feature triggered with a Full House
  • Gamble feature offers choice between immediate reward or betting on higher value prizes
  • Full House winner gets 50% of the jackpot
  • Rest of jackpot shared equally between participants in the game that also guess correctly
Diamond Dazzle
Reels Room

Reels Room

Reels room is our brand-new slot feature room, where you can cross sell players and improve the user experience by giving them variation and the opportunity to become hybrid players. Instead of playing for cash, players play for slot spins. This feature will be available on all top performing Pragmatic Play slot games. All operators can choose to use this room as an add-on feature to their own exclusive rooms.

This new feature allows us to create bingo games that credit free spins either in a session of games or a dedicated spins room. Only a handful of operators provide casino spins prizes in a bingo room. Be that next one!

Key Features

As well as a customizable UI, we have developed a well-versed competitive product that offers all the key features expected in bingo and ensures operators have the variants and tools to target players’ needs across different markets. Our back-office tool is intuitive for both scheduling and analytics.

It promotes user interaction through an in-game lobby on both mobile and desktop, alongside a fresh, easy to navigate user interface to keep players coming back.

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Simple Integration

One API is all that it is needed to integrate not only our bingo product, but the entire Pragmatic Play portfolio.

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A partnership with Pragmatic Play Bingo is a two-way street, allowing operators significant input to shape and steer the product roadmap and define unique bingo clients to follow their own brand guidelines.

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Global Liquidity

With partners and licenses on a global scale, we have one of the best liquidity pools in the bingo network and allow entry into key territories.

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Valuable Experience

The Pragmatic Play Bingo team have decades of bingo experience among them, having previously worked on market leading bingo brands and some of the biggest online gaming platforms in the world.

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We like to think we cannot be beaten on commercials and offer competitive rates on all solutions and services.

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Full Solution

We have the expertise to internally support on the network scheduling, pricing and analysis. We also offer a Chat Host feature in multiple languages to support a great bingo experience.

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As already proven by our casino games, our brand is fully focused on delivering product features and developments at industry leading timelines.

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Marketing Features

We currently have the best marketing features in the industry from progressive & fixed jackpots to our very own mobile first exclusive variant, Bingo Blast. Our cross-selling features allow us to create and engage hybrid players cross slots as well as bingo without ever leaving the lobby.

Product Innovation!
Bingo Blast

Bingo Blast is an exclusive game provided by Pragmatic Play, meant to deliver a fresh, redesigned bingo experience. It is a mobile-first game, adapted to the current requirements of the players. This new take of a classic game brings forward engaging visuals, a new way to play and high-quality elements designed entirely in-house. A game of Bingo Blast is 3-4 times faster than the average 90-ball bingo game, which makes it perfect for playing it on the go, on a mobile phone.

  • Fast
    3-4 times quicker than 90-ball bingo
  • Mobile-first
    Designed with a mobile-first approach for users to play on the go
  • Simple
    Beginners can enjoy it just as much because of its clear user journey
  • Exciting
    The most entertaining part of the game is brought to the player much quicker
  • Exclusive
    Only available at Pragmatic Play

Product innovation

The players can buy tickets for the Bingo Blast game using the purchase panel. The interface is fast and easy to understand, which makes it easy for beginners to enjoy the game just as much as advanced bingo players.

During the first blast, all the balls appear on screen and the ones that the player has are highlighted in orange, lingering in sight for a longer while. Between the first and second blast, players can check their tickets, as the numbers are automatically checked off.

The second blast takes place and the game now resorts to showing one ball at a time, blasted from left to right. At this stage, the tickets automatically pop up in full form to give the players a clear view of their status. The balls will continue dropping at a fast pace until the Full House winner is finally crowned.

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Custom Tailored Solution

Pragmatic Play understand that any company who is serious about standing out from the crowd in an already saturated market, invests in branding. That is why we have made our product one of the most flexible on the market, allowing the operator to choose themes, colours and fonts to showcase their own Brand and ensure their users feel familiarity yet uniqueness with this product. As well as a bingo product being built by leading dedicated development team, we have ensured that we develop this product with our marketing hats on too. This is an intuitive bingo product that will lead the way in simplicity and innovation but also with a UI that allows the end user to feel part of your family

Mini Games

Let your bingo players discover the exciting world of casino with the mini games section. A completely customisable mini games area that players can access whilst in a bingo room allows you to cross-sell and increase the player experience by placing them in the driver seat. A multi-view feature lets them choose the play mode.

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