Using our success to lift up others

Using our success to lift up others

Pragmatic Play takes pride in recognising it has responsibilities beyond the iGaming industry, and a duty to assist those in the communities where we enjoy a presence and do business. We truly believe that – together – we can make a difference.

With a global footprint, we have the capacity to proactively help those in need to achieve a better tomorrow, while furthering projects close to our own hearts. To find out more about our CSR activities, please read below.

Sustainability values

Working together

Working together

We achieve more when we respect one another and work together to overcome challenges.
Being part of a community

Being part of a community

Nobody exits in isolation. Contributing to a healthy, safe and hopeful community of citizens around us also means better lives for ourselves, our families and colleagues.
Considering the impact

Considering the impact

All activities have an impact. We are thinking about the consumption relevant to our business and how we make a positive difference to the lives and environment of others around us.

Social Responsibility in action

10th June 2021


We, at Pragmatic Play, love our animals and never miss a chance to show our support whenever we can! Recently, we have donated €6,000 to three charities that aim to offer sheltering and medical services to stray animals in Malta. MSPCA is the oldest shelter for cats and dogs in the community, fighting to provide an efficient rehoming service for abandoned animals through education and compassion. The Island Sanctuary caters for stray dogs in the community, sheltering those who couldn’t find a home yet. The Cat Sanctuary follows the footsteps of the Island Sanctuary, providing shelter and medical services for homeless cats.
8th June 2021


Pragmatic Play has supported Cancer Relief in Gibraltar’s upcoming training efforts with a £10,200 donation. As the charity has continued to grow, funds were needed as new members required additional training, and with the donation, current staff will also be afforded more education to ensure that Cancer Relief continues to deliver the highest quality of care to Gibraltar residents.
13th May 2021


The Homeless Animal Hospital treats pets and abandoned cats and dogs, nursing them back to health and assisting families that can’t afford private veterinary treatment. Pragmatic Play donated €7,700 to the initiative, which is a partnership between Romania Animal Rescue, and World Animal Veterinary Emissaries. Providing support for key animal companions allows those in need in society to be safe in the knowledge that should anything befall their pet, they are in good hands.
12th May 2021


Fondazzjoni Sebħ provides residential services to children in Malta, aiming to help them reach their full potential by offering a safe and loving environment. The foundation also supports families and individuals to recover from multiple trauma. Pragmatic Play donated €10,000 which will be used for renovating the interiors of one of the foundation’s homes. As always, it’s been an honour to lend a helping hand to those who want to contribute to the well-being of the Maltese community.
12th May 2021


Pragmatic Play contributed with a generous donation of €21,000 to the Metropolis Philanthropic Foundation, a leading NGO in Romania that has been fighting to give the less fortunate children a chance for a better future since 2007. The donation will be used to rehabilitate the 7th floor of the Clinical Institute Fundeni, dedicated to the children’s oncology section. We are always happy to support those who strive to make a change for the better.
20th Apr 2021


Foodbank Lifeline Foundation provides food to individuals and families who are experiencing hunger. During Covid times, this foundation has helped hundreds of families and individuals on a daily basis. Pragmatic Play supported them with a donation of €5,000, amount that was invested into non-perishable emergency food packs, including canned food, cereals, pasta sauces and rice. We are beyond happy we could further contribute to the well-being of the Maltese community.
16th Mar 2021

Prior Park sports pitch

The Prior Park School in Gibraltar had outgrown its existing recreational space and used a dormant space that nearby to create a brand-new sports pitch. Pragmatic Play donated £25,000 to the project, with a modern court now installed, replete with Prior Park School logo dominating the middle of the surface. The area not only offers school children a fantastic space to enjoy activities, but it also boasts enviable views over the Bay! In future, it is hoped the space can be made available to local sports teams and the public.
8th Mar 2021

Women for Women Foundation

To mark International Women’s Day, Pragmatic Play donated €5,000 to the Women for Women Foundation, a leading organisation in Malta for the empowerment and support of women and girls. With a proud history of women leaders at Pragmatic Play, assisting the next generation of those coming through is something we are proud of. We also supported the celebratory event, which saw multiple conferences surrounding the advancement of equality.
23rd Dec 2020

Maltese NGO donations

With a strong presence in Malta, over the festive period, we donated €30,000 to three separate NGOs across the nation. With many facing challenges brought about by the pandemic, Pragmatic Play supported the St. Jeanne Antide Foundation, Malta Hospice Movement, and the Good Shepherd Sisters, all of whom play a vital role in family support, palliative care and supporting domestic violence victims across the island.
9th Jul 2020

GBC Open Day

Pragmatic Play was delighted to assist in the annual GBC Open Day in 2020, donating £10k to the eventual total of a staggering £180k. The GBC is Gibraltar’s leading broadcast and news outlet, with the institution hosting an annual fundraising day to be able to assist those in need on The Rock. Despite the challenges faced in the 2020 edition due to Covid restrictions, the day saw an all-time record amount of donations, and we were delighted to do our bit for our local community!

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