Mega Sic Bac 

Four dice. Three main bets. 21 side bets. 

Experience the excitement of Mega Sic Bac, where every roll of the dice can land thrilling wins and boosted payouts of up to 5,000x!

A fun and fast-paced title in Pragmatic Play’s award-winning portfolio of Live Casino games, Mega Sic Bac is played at an incredible tempo, with game rounds averaging under 30 seconds. Offering an array of betting options and boosted payouts in every round, this thrilling live game gives players plenty of chances to win big.

Mega Sic Bac gameplay 

Mega Sic Bac features original gameplay designed for a wide range of players.

Four regular dice, two each for the Player and Banker, are rolled in individual shakers. The aim of the game is to predict which will achieve the highest two-dice total.

Players can choose to place any of the three main bets (Player, Banker, or Tie) and 21 side bets.


Side bets 

Mega Sic Bac ramps up the excitement by offering 21 unique side bets. These can be placed independently of or in addition to the main bets, giving players even more opportunities to win.

  • Doubles (x6) – two dice show the same specific number.
  • Any Double – two dice show the same number.
  • Triples (x6) – three dice show the same specific number.
  • Any Triple – three dice show the same number.
  • Quads (x6) – all four dice show the same specific number.
  • Any Quad – all four dice show the same number.

Boosted payouts 

After the bets close and before the dice stop rolling, selected bet spots will be assigned random boosted payouts, greatly increasing their win potential.

  • 5x max boosted payout for Player or Banker.
  • 88x max boosted payout for Tie.
  • 5,000x (Quads) max boosted payout for side bets. 


When the dice come to a rest, the side with the highest two-dice total wins!



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