8 July

Malta Gaming Authority Awards Pragmatic Play A Class 4 Licence

We are pleased to announce that the Malta Gaming Authority has awarded Pragmatic Play a Class 4 Licence. As one of the fastest growing providers of online casino games for both mobile and desktop, this is great news for us and a further step towards hitting our goal of becoming the leading B2B provider of digital casino games.

Besides, our inclusion of Malta as another of our licensing jurisdiction is a demonstration of our growing reputation. This is why we are encouraged to keep raising our bar as regards innovation and observation of gaming regulations around the world.

What a Class 4 Malta Licence Means

Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) offers four categories of licences with Class 4 being the highest on the list. With this licence, Pragmatic Play now has the authority to handle all licensing of games to its business partners as well as hosting and managing various gaming operators. This, therefore, means that our company will now be able to serve even more partners. In the same vein, the licence will enable Pragmatic Play to fully support the ever growing demand for its casino games in the region.

Why We Chose Malta

Over the past few years, the Gaming Industry in Malta has seen an incredible upward growth. As such, it has evolved from the hitherto static structure of brick and mortar casinos to one that has adopted more innovative iGaming which relies on higher-end technologies meant to enhance player interactivity and gaming portability. On the same note, the Malta Gaming Authority has been lining up various measures and putting up structures aimed at making the industry more secure and governable. As such, Malta is now a top player as far as online gaming and casino games are concerned.

After following a robust application process which entailed a close examination of our gambling operations, experience, and ethos by the MGA, we are delighted to have gained acceptance to provide in this promising jurisdiction. We are committed to supporting the ongoing evolution of gaming industry in Malta and are ready to uphold our integrity and focus to serving our business partners more diligently.

What’s Next for Pragmatic Play?

With a vast portfolio that comprises over 80 games, it is our hope that we will offer our new partners in Malta an unmatched gaming experience. As such, we are very keen to meet their specific needs and provide quick services as we’ve always done everywhere else.

To learn more about our products and services, please visit the Games section on our website. Additionally, you can reach us by visiting our Contact page.

We look forward to serving you.